What Is CBD Oil—And Is It Really Good For You?

Women’s Health Magazine

The nation’s curiosity about CBD hemp oil usage and products has heightened significantly over the last few years. In this article, Women’s Health magazine explores what CBD oil is and how it can be used to address several, different ailments and pain within the body. The benefits of CBD oil are presented and backed by science-based studies which show the effectiveness of CBD in relieving chronic pain. The article also takes a look at the potential side effects and downsides of CBD oil, as well as what you should consider when you plan to purchase CBD oil.

CBD is cannabis that won’t get you high. So why are so many people using it?

Seattle Times

A Seattle-based aesthetician explains how she became interested in making CBD products to help repair the signs of aging skin. However, her research and application of CBD is good for more than just skincare. Taking a look into the many uses for CBD, the Seattle Times makes a case for how CBD is becoming the “it” drug. Being that CBD is gaining popularity very quickly, this article questions whether CBD is really a “cure-all” or if it is just another fad.

FDA approves cannabis-derived medicine; DEA must weigh in

Marijuana Business Daily

In a landmark decision made by the FDA, CBD has been approved. More specifically, the FDA has signed off on the usage of a pharmaceutical drug that will be used to treat two kinds of epilepsy. While this approval is still very new (June 25, 2018), the FDA must seek additional backing from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Most pondents agree that approval is forthcoming from the DEA.

Researching Marijuana for Therapeutic Purposes: The Potential Promise of Cannabidiol (CBD)

Huffington Post

In this Huffington Post blog article, a basic understanding of the ways CBD can affect the body helps to clarify some of the confusing and contradictory claims made by various unsourced media. With the growing fascination around cannabidiol, there is a multitude of information, which can be misleading. While there are some restrictions by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on how cannabinoids can be used in research labs (to explore the efficacy of CBD), this article presents a likely case for CBD using existing data.

Marijuana growers diversify with hemp amid CBD boom

The News Tribune

Applications for licenses to grow hemp are rapidly increasing in states where marijuana is legal. The rise of THC-free CBD is causing marijuana farmers to take a serious look at expanding their product line to include the highly popular hemp-based oil that doesn’t come with a high. It is said that with this addition, farmers could grow annual revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars. The marijuana market is stuck between the borders of the states who have legalized it. However, CBD products are popping up everywhere, because of its legality and the plethora of health benefits.

BIG3 first U.S. professional sports league to allow cannabidiol (CBD) use for ‘pain management and recovery’

NY Daily News

For the 2018 season, Ice Cube’s BIG3, the professional three-on-three basketball league, will be the first professional sports league in the United States to permit the use of CBD to improve pain, limit muscle tightness, and hinder anxiety. Supporting players’ health and mental stability is a step in the direction of treating them as partners and not property. This gives players more options to manage sports-related injuries. Many believe that non-addictive CBD is a better alternative for dealing with the natural pain that comes with playing the sport for a prolonged period of time.

How To Use CBD for Pain If You Literally Have No Idea What It Is Or Where To Start

Elite Daily

Elite Daily dives into more background on CBD which helps to crystallize the consumer’s understanding of it and discover its uses. Because there are so many benefits to using CBD, this article helps to pinpoint which products are suitable for specific ailments, even when you can’t tell exactly from which spot your pain originates. From physical pain or inflammation to mental stress, there is a CBD product that helps to give you relief.

Rite Aid poised to sell its first cannabis-derived drug

CNN Money

After the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Epidiolex, the pharmaceutical medication containing CBD which is used to treat epilepsy, on June 25, 2018, many U.S. pharmacies are gearing up to sell the drug derived from cannabis. In doing so, the cannabis industry will essentially open to the mainstream market. However, pharmacies will be the only outlet approved to sell CBD derived or infused pharmaceutical medications. Dispensaries in medical marijuana-legal states will not be authorized to sell any FDA-approved drug that contains CBD.

Survey: Nearly Half of People Who Use Cannabidiol Products Stop Taking Traditional Medicines


Brightfield Group and HelloMD conducted a scientific study to gauge the usage and efficacy of CBD products in adult men and women. The survey takes a deep dive into the bold claim the headline of this article suggests, citing the most common reasons why people are using CBD in the first place. When comparing CBD products to pharmaceutical medications, the different factors boil down to efficacy and cost.


World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization (WHO) is the directing and coordinating authority on international health within the United Nations. WHO supports many health programs in which they provide leadership and ethical and evidence-based research critical to health matters. In the area of cannabidiol (compound of cannabis), the WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) “in its pure state, cannabidiol does not appear to have abuse potential or cause harm.” Herein, WHO asks and answers two critical questions regarding CBD: What is Cannabidiol and is it safe? What evidence is there that Cannabidiol has value for medical use?

National Institutes of Health

The National Institutes of Health houses The Dietary Supplement Label Database (DSLD). The enormous database includes an all-encompassing, easy-to-navigate interface that discloses all information provided on every dietary supplement product marketed in the U.S. This resource allows you to search for different supplements that claim to relieve or support relief for various conditions, such as inflammation.

Project CBD

Project CBD is a non-profit educational news service that is a science-based resource to learn more about the promises and benefits of CBD. From how CBD works to explaining the endocannabinoid system to single compound versus whole plant CBD, Project CBD explores the depths of the science behind CBD and how it works with the body.